Quality Year Round Landscape Management Services

ER Lawn Service provides quality services for homes and businesses year round, ranging from mulching and pruning in summer to spring and fall cleanups. Based in Manchester, MI, we offer our landscaping services to people throughout the area.

Fall Cleanups

Fall cleanups are an important part of maintaining the health of your lawn. While it is often debated whether the leaves add nutrition and protection over the winter months, too many leaves can cause damage to the lawn. Layers of leaves can block out the sunlight, hold in moisture, and cause mold growth. ER Lawn Service can remove all the leaves from the lawn and flowerbeds. With our equipment, we have the ability to dump the leaves on site if the customer has a compost bin or place for the leaves, or we are happy to haul them away.

Spring Cleanups

Spring cleanups are important to prepare the lawn for the upcoming growing and mowing season. Service would include cleaning of the lawn of sticks and debris. It is important to remove the leaves that have accumulated so they do not cause damage to the lawn. The flowerbeds will be cleaned of leaves and debris. Any perennials that were not cut back during the fall will be pruned back to prepare for spring growth.

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