Quality Landscape Maintenance

We provide you with the landscape services you need at ER Lawn Service of Manchester, MI. We handle everything from edging of sidewalks and driveways to mulching, pruning, and stoning services. Contact our team today to discover how easy it is to properly care for your landscape without working up a sweat.

Our team will work with you to determine the best time to work on your grounds.

Residential Landscaping Services 

Maintaining the grounds around your home should not take away from the enjoyment you get from your property. At ER Lawn Service, we are focused on providing you with the landscaping services you need to maximize the beauty of your yard and protect yourself from a sore back.

Mulch and Stone

ER Lawn Service’s approach to the installation of mulch and stone is to do it right the first time. This motto echos through every service we offer. We install mulch and stone by hand, with no machines.  We offer a full selection for you to choose from. Pick hardwood, pine, or cedar, as well as dyed black and dyed red mulch. Material is always purchased from local sources.


Pruning is done by hand with hand pruners or hedge trimmers. Each employee is taught the proper way to prune each bush. We take pride in telling the customer when the proper time is for pruning. Each plant is different and improper timing can cause damage to the plant.

We Meet With You

Our owner always meets with both new and existing clients. Although the employees are capable of handling any special directions from customers, he likes to meet with them to answer any questions that they may have. 

Commercial Landscaping Services 

The first thing customers see when arriving at your business is the state of the grounds surrounding the building. We specialize in providing comprehensive, and discrete, landscape management services for companies of all sizes.

Our services are available year round, guaranteeing that the areas your customers and employees utilize will be clear, safe to use, and aesthetically pleasing.


Learn more about our seasonal services. Call today at 734-845-7382 or email